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Vitori Mat vs Radiance Mat

Vitori Matte vs Radiance Matte

Difference between the Vitori Mat and the Radiance Mat

Before investing in a PEMF Mat, we should consider which one is the best choice for us and our needs. Since these devices are becoming more and more popular, we may find ourselves with so many options that we don’t know where to start.

In this article, we will compare our own PEMF Mat, the Radiance Heal, with the Vitori Mat. So, if you would like to know which one will work better for you, keep reading!

Vitori Mat vs Radiance Mat

For those who may not know what a PEMF Mat is, this is a device that combines proven healing technologies to reset and heal our bodies. On our website and blog, you will find more information about this tool and the PEMF Therapy. We wrote an article where we got into detail about what it is and how it works. (PEMF Therapy - What is it and what does it?)

Now, for everyone who has been hesitating about which mat would be better for them, we will talk about the different features and possibilities these two options have to offer.

How to use these mats

First of all, both of these mats are very easy to use. Since they are portable, you will be able to place your mat wherever you would like to use it, turn it on, choose the program or timer you prefer and that’s it. Once you are done, you can fold it and store the mat again until the next time you want to use it. They both actually come with a case to make it easier to move the mat around and store it while keeping it protected.

What are the features of both mats?

First, we will have a look at the Vitori Crystal Mat and the features this device includes, which are:

1. Biophoton light therapy

The biophotons are naturally emitted by biological systems such as the sun, plants or human bodies. Recent studies show that biophoton therapy kills malignant microorganisms while allowing benign and useful bacteria to stay.

2. Infrared deep heat

The infrared deep heat present in the mat will increase the body temperature, help drain heavy metals and detoxify our body, improve skin purification, lower blood pressure and boost our immune system.

3. Negative ions

According to several studies, negative ions produce certain biochemical reactions in our bodies that increase serotonin levels which help relieve feelings of depression and stress and they also boost our energy.

4. Pulsating magnetic field therapy

The electromagnetic waves released with PEMF Therapy give our cells energy and help them to reactivate and regenerate. This therapy has now been used for many years by experts and has been proven to help our overall health and wellness.

5. Healing stones

The use of healing crystals or stones induces a sense of relaxation in the environment. They allow positive energy to flow through our body and eliminate negative and toxic energy. These stones channel our energy levels and heal our bodies from the inside out.

All of these combined bring great benefits so this is why they are present in many of the mats that we can find on the market these days.

The Radiance Mat, for example, includes the same exact features except for the biophotons and negative ions. Now, these biophotons work when the mat is used without clothes but since most people tend to use the mat while dressed as part of their routine, this does not make a huge difference.

Apart from these things, both mats are basically the same and one can expect similar results when using them.

Other differences

As you can see, the features of both options are very similar, as well as the results you can expect from them. Now, other things we can take into consideration when choosing our ideal mat may be the portability of the device, the look of the mat, the intensity and frequency options, customer reviews and, of course, price and overall value.

Regarding to these features, one of the biggest differences might be the look of both mats. The colors used in our PEMF mats are not bright so they also help to relax your mind while using the device or if you decide to leave it open somewhere in the house it can go unnoticed. The ones used in the Vitori Mat, however, are more visible, the look of this mat is very colorful and bright.

Since there are a few more features that differ from one mat to the other, we wanted to make things easier for you so we have created a table with some more details about each mat:

 As you can see, the differences there are not too big either, except for the price and the fact that we offer two mat options.

That is right, for the Radiance mats, you can see two prices that correspond to the two mats you can find on our website. The main differences between these mats are:

Big Radiance Heal Mat 

This mat is the biggest of the two options we offer (190 x 80 cm), similar in dimensions to the only option Vitori offers.

This mat can be used to lie down, stretch or even work out on it. It looks like a normal yoga mat but brings you all the benefits mentioned above.

Small Radiance Heal Mat 

The dimensions for this mat are 100 x 50 cm. It has an area in the center that allows you to fold it so that you can use it while sitting, on your office chair, for example, to enjoy its benefits for as long as you are there.

And finally, the most obvious difference between the Vitori Mat and the Radiance Mats is in the price of these devices. Each of our mats has a price, the highest being 949 EUR and the lowest 649 EUR, whereas the price for the Vitori mat is much higher, 2199 EUR.

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